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Hours of instruction: 
(1) Classroom instruction, including testing 50 hours 
(2) Field instruction 50 hours 
(3) Highway behind-the-wheel training 20 hours
(4) Observation (highway behind-the-wheel) 40 hours Total - 160 hours
 Content of classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction:
-Completing Driver's Daily Log books
-Coupling and uncoupling of combination units 
-Laws relating to interstate and intrastate operations
- Pre-trip inspection
-Placing the vehicle in operation
-Operation in inner-city and interstate highway traffic and passing
- Driving Forward and backward and making turns 
-Breaking and slowing the vehicle by means other than applying the brakes;
 -Backing and parking the vehicle; Straight Line Backing, Offset Backing Left or Right, Parallel Parking, and Alley Dock
-Experience operating property hauling vehicles with a minimum gross vehicle weight of 49,000 pounds or experience operating passenger motor coach vehicles having a minimum capacity of 46 persons